Center Focus


  1. At this center, students will choose a topic and cut-out a representative picture from tagboard. For example, if they chose the sun, it is easy enough for them to draw a picture of a sun and cut it out. But they can also choose words such as "fast" and "run." If they chose these, they would need to somehow make a representative picture or trace the letters on tag board and cut them out.
  2. After they have their picture cut out, they may add illustrations to it (add eyes, nose, mouth, etc).
  3. Students will then brainstorm words related to the topic and write single words or phrases on the cut-out.
  4. After each students has gone to the center, you can make a Word Corner in your Writing Center, where all of the Thingamajigs are kept. Students can continue adding to them and they can make new ones when they have extra time. These can be used when the students are writing poetry and need synonyms or related phrases.
  5. This is a great vocabulary builder!

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