Center Focus

How Does Soap Affect Bubbles?

  1. You will need straws, dish soap, water, a one-quart measuring cup, containers, a timer and towels for this center.
  2. Have 4 bubble solutions ready for your kids: 1 quart of water of water mixed with 1 tsp soap, 2 tbsp soap, 5 tbsp soap, and 10 tbsp soap. Label each of these a different color, but don't let your class know what they are.
  3. Your kids will need to make a simple recording chart to compare the 4 bubble solutions and plain water. They will be blowing bubbles in each with a straw and timing how long they last.
  4. They can work with partners to obtain the data. They should each blow twice for each solution while the other student records the time. The longest-lasting bubble is the one to be recorded on the chart.
  5. Students should make a final graph to show the Solution vs. Time Bubble Remains.
  6. They also need to make a conclusion about their results.
    • Why do they think one solution worked better?
    • What makes bubbles last longer? Pop rapidly?
    • What do they think each mixture was made of?
  7. As a closure to this activity, tell students what was in each bottle, compare the graphs, and discuss conclusions.

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