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New Teaching Ideas
Bell Work, Sponge Activities

Bell Work Ideas

"If" Response
The Word "Thanksgiving"
Simon Says
Three Consecutive Numbers
Card Tower

Sponge Activities

Basic Stretching
Who Is It?
A to Z Countries
Create Critters
Are they Eyeballs?

Check Out Teaching Tips
Centers, Bulletin Boards

Center Ideas

Literature Response
Sponge Observation
Historical Trivia
What Do I Want to Know?
Make Your Own Collage

Interactive Bulletin Boards

Art Styles
President Matching
Classification Train
Flags of the Olympics
How do you like your eggs?

Lesson Plans & Thematic Units
Lesson Plans, Thematic Units

Lesson Plans

Macaroni Pattern Necklaces
Makeshift Tambourines
Steal the Bacon
The Olympic Rings
Perspectives in Writing

Thematic Units


Downloads & Reproducibles
Reproducibles, Class Certificates


Circular Story Outline
Symmetry Worksheet
Potato Latkes
Did You?
Basic Shapes

Class Certificates

Good Job
Great Job