Center Focus

Valentine Placemats

At the Art center provide the following materials: 18"x12" construction paper in valentine colors, sixteen(16 per student) 12"long x 1"wide strips of construction paper of valentine colors, glue, scissors, rulers, decorating materials (glitter, etc.)
  1. Have students choose an 18"x12" piece of construction paper and have them fold it in half, putting the 12" ends together.
  2. On the creased edge, have students measure 11 - 1" marks with a ruler.
  3. Cut from the creased edge to the open edge along these marks, leaving a border of 1" on the open edge.
  4. Open paper up: there should be 11 horizontal lines cut across the paper.
  5. Using the strips of paper, weave them vertically through the slits. They can weave them in many different ways, but have an example available.
  6. Have them glue down any edges that are sticking out.
  7. Have students decorate the placements to their liking.

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