Center Focus


  1. You will need to have two sets of numbers prepared for this activity as follows:
    • numbers 1-20 (1-10 for earlier students
    • numbers 30-50 (11-20 for earlier students)
  2. Your kids will randomly pick 5 numbers from set A and one number from set B.
  3. The object is for them to use the set A numbers in any form of equation to get to the set B number. They can use a mixture of any operations with which they are familiar. For example: if set A includes 5,2,16,11,7 and set B is 29, one possibility would be [ (16 / 2 ) x 5 ] - 11.
  4. They have to use at least 3 of the numbers from set A. You can use a point system such as the following to encourage your students to find as many variations as possible. The first number in the set refers to the number of set A numbers used in the equation and the second, the number of points they receive for the use of that many numbers.
    3=100 4=200 5=300

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