Center Focus

Letter of Apology

  1. Present several different situations from which students can choose to write a letter. These should be things of interest to your particular students that would require an apology.
  2. For example:

    You and a friend are at the mall together and you see a really neat t-shirt with your favorite band that you must have. Neither you or your friend have enough money to buy it, but you both want to wear it to your school dance tomorrow night. Your friend slips a t-shirt into a bag that s(he) has and encourages you to as well, saying that nobody will ever know. You really don't feel right about it, but your friend keeps urging you to do it, so you give in and take one too. You wear it to the dance, but have a horrible time because you feel so guilty. You decide that you need to pay for the shirt and apologize to the store owner. What will you write in your apolgy letter to them?

  3. Have your students use the correct letter writing format when writing this formal letter.

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