Center Focus

Pattern Necklaces

  1. Dye macaroni 5 or 6 different colors (this is easily done using food coloring and isopropyl alcohol).
  2. Have index cards at the center along with a sample card showing students what they need to do. On the cards have them write their name, the date, the name of the pattern they are planning (AABCA...) and, on the back, a picture of what their necklace pattern will be.
  3. Provide string or yarn for students to thread through the macaroni. You may need to tape an end of the string to help some students thread through the macaroni.
  4. When all students have completed the center, you can have the students figure out each other's patterns.
  5. You can also keep these necklaces in a box with the card at the math center and students can match cards to necklaces as an independent activity or choice. Have them look at the front of the card to match the necklace to it and check themselves using the back of the card.

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