Center Focus


  1. Have a diagram at the Math center showing all of the different kinds of triangles. Click here to dowload a resource you may use.
  2. Have the students draw six different triangles, at least one of each type using a ruler.
  3. Have them label each of these one (1) through six (6) along with the type of triangle it is. Also they will need to label each angle A, B, or C.
  4. Students will need to make a recording sheet with the following sections:
    (a) triangle
    (b) triangle type
    (c) angle A
    (d) angle B
    (e) angle C
    (f) total angle [A+B+C]
  5. Using a protractor, students will need to measure the angles for each triangle and record them.
  6. Lastly, they will need to add the angles to see what they equal. Ask your kids some of the following questions:
    • What do you notice about the totals? Does this make sense?
    • What do the angles of a square equal?
    • How are the triangle and square related?

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