Center Focus

Take for Granted

  1. It is often said that we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Wouldn't it be nice if we could appreciate things on a daily basis rather than taking them for granted. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have your kids ponder the meaning of this saying.
  2. They should make a list of things that they take for granted, really thinking about the idea of it or them not being there anymore.
  3. Have them then choose one thing that they would miss the most. The idea is for them to delve deep into their thinking and consider intangible things like health, security, love, etc.
  4. They should then write about a situation that would make them realize how grateful they really are for that one thing. For example, if it's their freedom for which they are grateful, they might consider being in a prison or concentration camp or even a country where they are not allowed to practice a particular belief. They should consider the aspect of that "one thing" that they value the most.
  5. Lastly have them write a short essay explaining what they can do now to stop taking this thing for granted and how they will do this on a daily basis.

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