Center Focus

String Art

  1. You will need lengths of string, tempura paints and colored construction paper or other thick paper for this activity.
  2. Dip the string into the paint and pull it between the thumb and forefinger to pull off the excess paint.
  3. Hold the string above a piece of paper and guide it into a pattern of loops as it is lowered onto the paper. Leave one end of the string outside the boundary of the paper.
  4. Place another piece of paper on top of the string and even with the other sheet of paper. Press firmly. Take the end of the string hanging and pull it until the entire string comes out.
  5. Your kids can repeat this process using different colors until they like the result. Have them name their design.
  6. Mount it and display it with the student's name and title. Since there are two designs, one on both papers, they can take one home.

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