Center Focus

Walk a Mile in Their Boots

  1. Prepare several scenarios dealing with veterans' issues that your students may develop into one-act plays. This will help them learn to understand what veterans often experience after wartime.
  2. Here are a few sample scenarios:
    • A young soldier comes home from the war, having lost a limb. He is looking for a job. What does he do?
    • You are a mother and your only child gets drafted into the Army. What are you feeling?
    • You come home from the war, expecting cheering crowds and ticker-tape parades. Instead you get booed and ridiculed all the way home. How do you handle this situation?
    • You are drafted into the military and disagree with the purpose of the fighting. How do you cope with your dilemma while staying patriotic?
  3. During your Veterans Day celebration, have your students act-out their plays in front of the class.

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