Center Focus


  1. You will need to have a plethora of information at this center about the seasons, months of the year, weather, and any other timely events.
  2. Your students will work with their center group to understand and describe pictorially and in writing the four different seasons.
  3. They need to be creative in the method they use to represent the different seasons. You can use Leo Lionni's book to help them understand the project. He uses a tree to show changes in weather and its effects. So if they were to use a tree, they might create a large tree out of butcher paper, and then add the necessary elements to show the seasons. They would then add writing to explain the typical seasons in detail. But they could use a skier to represent winter or a single leaf to show fall.
  4. You can make this work for any age group by making it more or less scientific. This center could also be connected with the art center.

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