Center Focus

Historical Trivia

  1. Come up with a list of historical events, people, or ideas that are fitting to your studies (you will need enough for your whole class). Some example questions are:
    • What started WWI?
    • What does the term 'Baby Boomers' refer to?
    • Where did the Statue of Liberty come from?
  2. Cut these ideas into separate strips and put them in a container.
  3. When students get to the center they will pick a topic randomly and research it. You can either let them go to the library or provide research tools for them to use in the classroom.
  4. They will briefly need to write about their topic and display it in an original way. For example, if there was a question about the Statue of Liberty, they could create a mini-model of it and hang an index card including their information around the model.

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