Center Focus

Crossword Trivia

  1. For this activity, students will need to choose a book that they really enjoy.
  2. Have them write 20 questions and one-word answers about the story such as:
    • Where did the story take place?
    • What was the main conflict?
    • Who was it that solved the mystery?
    • What was the main character's name?
  3. They then need to take their answers and make a crossword puzzle for this story. Have them assign certain answers to be Across clues and the others as Down clues.
  4. They will also need to provide a solution on a separate piece of paper.
  5. Have plenty of sample crossword available for students' reference.
  6. When they are done, you can make a big book of crosswords. When students read the different stories, they can go to the big book and make a copy of the puzzle and complete it for fun.