Center Focus

Historical Perspective

  1. Provide reference materials and fiction for your students to peruse for topics about the Armed Forces or Veterans in general.
  2. Have them find a controversial topic or a topic having two sides about which they can develop opinions. Have several examples available, such as:
    • Should human beings be used to conduct the acts of war or should machines be used?
    • What should be the minimum age for entrance into the Armed Forces?
    • Should people be able to "dodge" the draft because of their professional or financial status?
    • Why are women not usually involved in front-line combat?
  3. Have your students write a convincing argument for either side of their topic. They should be able to present their own reasoning to support what they think is right. They should also be able to argue against their own side (i.e. play the devil's advocate).
  4. Your students will enjoy sharing their views and will start serious discussions about some of the more interesting matters.

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