Center Focus

Traditional Pumpkin Pie

  1. You will need a good recipe for pumpkin pie - you should have the directions written on butcher paper along with pictures for younger students. Here is one recipe you can use. You will probably want to get a parent helper for this center.
  2. You will also need all of the necessary measuring spoons and cups, but you may want to have students improvise a little in order to do measurement conversions.
  3. Have them work together in groups to make the pie with as little input from a parent or adult as possible.
  4. You will need an oven, of course, so ask the cafeteria for a good time where you can use the oven or you may be able to get ahold of a portable oven or microwave/convection oven.
  5. To give your kids even more practice with cooking, baking, and measuring, you can have them make the pie shell from scratch too.
  6. Make sure to have whip cream available!

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