Center Focus

Patron Saint of Lovers

Share the history of Valentine's Day with your class. There are many children's books that discuss the history, but here is a brief synopsis: Supposedly, February 14 is the day that Saint Valentine was beheaded under the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor believed that his army would be better if the men remained single. St. Valentine would secretly married those forbidden to do so. He was put in prison when his "crime" was discovered. During this time, people would bring notes of condolence and thanks to him. He is remembered as the patron saint of lovers around the world.
  1. After sharing this with your class, describe the parts of a persuasive essay and discuss what effect the writing is to have on the audience.
  2. At the center, have students pretend that it is their responsibility to convince the Emperor to free St. Valentine. Have them write a speech that they will present.
  3. Have students give the speeches to their classmates.

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