Center Focus

Picture Replicas

  1. Have several magazines covering a variety of subjects available for student perusal.
  2. Students will need to pick a picture that they would like to draw. This activity will help them to be precise in their copying.
  3. They need to cut the picture out of the magazine and they need to make a grid across it using a thin black marker pen and ruler. Each square needs to be the same size.
  4. On a separate piece of white drawing piece, they need to make an enlarged grid with the same proportions as the one they drew over the picture. For example, if the picture is 3" x 2", the larger picture might be 9"x6". (The grid should be increased proportionally in dimensions.)
  5. They will then transfer, square by square, the picture to their drawing sheet. This part of the activity should be done in pencil.
  6. This will help to increase their confidence in drawing as usually the finished projects turn out more accurate.

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