Center Focus

Sand Painting

  1. You will need different colors of sand and books showing true sand paintings for this center activity.
  2. Have your students look at the books and materials.
  3. They should get a feel for the "type" of shapes and figures that are often portrayed and the general geometric and symmetrical uses of those objects. They should also notice the use of colors.
  4. Have them sketch a design in pencil that they would like to make. They should do this on a 6" square piece of tag board.
  5. They should divide their picture into sections based on colors that they would like to use. Have them lightly write the names of the colors in the corresponding sections.
  6. To do the "painting" part, they will need to put glue in one section at a time, completely cover that sections with sand, and then shake off the excess sand.
  7. You may want to use paper plates for the different colors of sand to keep things neat. This will also allow students to easily reuse the sand.

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