Center Focus

Cinderella, Cinderella

  1. Have the following books available:
    • Walt Disney's Cinderella (1974)
    • Yeh Shen by Louie (1982)
    • Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by Steptoe (1987)
    • The Talking Eggs by Sansouci (1989)
    • Princess Furball by Huck (1989)
  2. These are versions of the classic Cinderella tale from different cultures.
  3. Have your students compare and contrast these versions with their center group. Here are some example categories for comparisons:
    • country
    • setting
    • characters
    • events (plot)
    • magic
  4. As a group, have the students create their own modern-day version of Cinderella. They'll need a title, names for their characters, a setting for the story, and a full plot.
  5. After completing their story, have the students act out their tale for the class.

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