Center Focus

How Much Does Your Name Weigh?

  1. This center is for students beginning to learn their letters. They will be able to manipulate Unifix cubes in order to make the letters of their names.
  2. After they spell their name with the cubes, they will find out how much it "weighs." You can have them find out how much it weighs in teddybear counters or other type of counting object.
  3. Have students predict whether their first, middle, or last name will weigh the most.
  4. They will need to spell their other names with the Unifix cubes in order to find out if their prediction was correct.
  5. Have them keep a simple tally sheet with their name and the corresponding weight.
  6. As a final activity, have students find the total weight of their full name. It will be interesting to see which students realize they can simply add the other weights together and which will redo their names and weigh them.

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