Center Focus

Tall Tales

  1. Provide several books of tall tale characters for this center. Here are a few good ones:
    • The Legend of Pecos Bill by Terry Small
    • Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett by Steven Kellogg
    • John Henry by Julius Lester
    • Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox by Patsy Jensen.
  2. Have your students read these stories and other ones you may find and compare the literature parts of the stories. They should mention the similarities and differences amongst the main characters, supporting characters, locales, and the believability of the story.
  3. Have questions posted for your students to write down answers for:
    • What do these stories all have in common?
    • What is unique about the characters as a whole?
    • How are the characters depicted in the stories?
    • Are the stories believable?
    • These stories are known as Tall Tales. Why is this name fitting?
  4. Optionally, have students write their own tall tales for sharing with the class.