Center Focus

Observe An Inchworm

  1. Locate some inchworms. "Inchworm" is a generic term given to caterpillars who move by pulling their end to the head and then extending their head out. You will most likely be able to find these in shade trees, such as oak, maple, and apple trees. Look for leaves that have been eaten. You may be able to order inchworms for your class through the mail.
  2. Provide a small terrarium for the caterpillar with some of the leaves and twigs and some soil from their natural environment to keep it as "real" as possible.
  3. Have your students observe the "inchworms." They should make detailed pictures and write down observations.
  4. Have them continue to make observations to see if they notice any changes and then take the caterpillars back to their home!
  5. You may also want your students to observe the trees in which the caterpillar lives and feeds if possible.

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