Center Focus

Thanksgiving Quilt

  1. Before beginning this center activity, discuss with your class how different families celebrate Thanksgiving. Have them share some ways they observe this holiday.
  2. You will need to have 8-inch squares of white paper and 9-inch squares of colored paper for this center.
  3. Students should each illustrate their family celebrating Thanksgiving on one of the 8-inch squares. They can also add a sentence or two describing their picture.
  4. They will paste their picture in the center of a piece of colored paper of their choice.
  5. All of the students will help to tape the pictures together to form a quilt. You may also want to add some blank squares and typical Thanksgiving images throughout the quilt.
  6. To finish, students will work together to cut out a strip of white paper to tape along the border of the quilt. This can be left white or your students can decorate it.

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