Interactive Bulletin Boards

Time Zones

Display a map of the world on a bulletin board. You may be able to find a map with time zones shown; if not, draw lines to show the time zones throughout the world. Create worksheets for students to complete. You can ask all kinds of questions based on the time zone differences. These are some examples:

  • If it is 5:00PM in Cairo, what time is it in Sydney?
  • You are taking a 4 hour flight from California to Pennsylvania. If you leave at 7:30AM whan will you get to Penn(Penn's Time)?
  • How many time zones are there?
  • You sail from New Zealand to Hawaii, crossing the International Dateline. If you arrive on August 2 at noon and the trip took 6 days exactly, when did you leave?

Have an answer key available for your kids to check their answers.

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