Interactive Bulletin Boards

Immigration to America

For this bulletin board, you will need to have a large world map, pushpins, yarn, and index cards. Your students will also need to know their ancestry, so you should have them ask their parents ahead of time. Have students point out the location where the pilgrims left from (England) and where they arrived (Plymouth Rock, MA). Place one pin at each location and attach a string. Then as part of a center or at intervals throughout the day, have students place tacks at the cities where their ancestors are from. There will often be more than one place. They should attach one end of a piece of yarn to the pin and attach the other end to an index card that will be tacked around the edges of the map. On this card they should write their name, area of origin, and possibly dates that their ancestors came to America. Students will have a great time learning about where everyone comes from and they will learn a lot about geography as well.

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