Organized Learning

Note Taking Skills

Note Taking Skills: Classtime goes more smoothly if your students are apt note-takers. Give them a few pointers:

  • Date Your Notes: This helps you keep track of when the information was presented and gives you a heads-up on what material to study for the test.
  • Leave Space for Extras: A good way to get your questions answered without disrupting the flow of the lecture or presentation is to leave space at the bottom of each page or leave extra margin space. When you go over your notes, jot down questions or additions you may have to the information presented. Another technique is to leave every other page blank--you can rewrite the important points as a study guide for quizzes and tests.
  • Use Common Abbreviations: You know these--4 for "for", @ for "at", w/ & w/o, b for because. They really save time in the long run.
  • Don't Erase: Crossing through errors with a single line and continuing to write helps you keep up with the information.
  • Don't Write Down Everything: LISTEN to what is being said and summarize briefly, unless you are instructed to write down something in its entirety--use common sense.