Organized Learning

DJ for a Day

My students love listening to music, so I decided to give them the chance to play the role of professional disc-jockeys at our very own "radio station" for a day. They all worked hard and enjoyed every minute so...what else could we teachers wish for?

Here´s what we did, in case you want to try this out with your class:

  1. Ask your students to write the following information on a card:
    • The name of their favorite singer/band and the title of the latter's best album ever.
    • The titles of 2 great songs from the chosen album.
  2. Now the students should write a few sentences on the above (including a general comment on the singer/s and the record, as well as a brief comment on each of the songs.)
  3. And now...get ready for the most exciting part! Choose an interesting name for your "radio station" and have the students read their paragraphs out and aloud while you record their performances on tape. You should have the songs at hand in order to play them at the right time.
  4. Make sure your students give their speech the right emphasis...or their "listeners" will fall asleep!
  5. If necessary, help with vocabulary (a few colloquial expressions and a bit of slang might work here... Help your kids learn their DJ speak!)

When you are done, play the tape for everybody to enjoy.

Joan M. Diez Cliville
Amposta, Spain