Organized Learning

Writing Process

The writing process is an ongoing activity that can be done everyday. It works best if each student has a writing notebook where their work can be easily organized. Post a chart with the following writing process steps:

  1. Notes/Web/Story Map
  2. Sloppy Copy
  3. Self-Check Looking for the Six Questions (who,what,where,when,why,how)
  4. Grammar Correction (punctuation, missing words, capital letters, spelling)
  5. Read to Peer
  6. Revise
  7. Author's Circle--the author reads writing to a group of students
  8. Continue to Revise
  9. Final Revising with Teacher or Parent
  10. Publish

Leave lines in between each step for sticky-notes. Students should post notes under the step they are working on. This enables students to work at their own pace as well as making it easier for you to know on which steps eachl of your students is working.