Where We Live

Social Studies Lesson Plan

Students will become aware of the different homes in which people may live. In a simple bar graph they will compare the dwellings of their classmates.

butcher paper (approx. 5 feet); marker; 3"x3" squares of white paper for each student; colored pencils; tape


  1. Ask the class to suggest or brainstorm different kinds of places that people live. Narrow the suggestions down to about 5 or 6 more common ones.
  2. Create a bar graph, using the butcher paper, with the different homes that the students came up with.
  3. Write the names or draw a quick sketch for each dwelling along the bottom of the butcher paper. Hang from board so everyone can see graph.
  4. Have students draw pictures of their own home using colored pencil so that details can be added. They will draw these on the small squares of paper so that they can fit onto the graph.
  5. As they finish, have the students tape their drawing to the graph above the appropriate style of home.

Have class look at completed graph. Where do most of the students live? What is the least common dwelling? Is there a right or wrong place to live? Is any one better than the other?

Were students able to name different places where people can live? Which students are able to accept that homes can be different? Are there any who feel that there is only one right way to live? Did students understand how to read the graph in order to find the results?

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