Makeshift Tambourines

Music Lesson Plan

Students will create their own tambourines. They will make rhythm patterns to share with the class.

1 aluminum pie plate for each student; hole punch; scissors; string; buttons; bells


  1. Make the tambourines: Punch 10 holes evenly around the edge of pie tin. Cut a piece of string about twice the length of the pie tin's circumference. Thread it through one hole and slip a button or bell on string before going through next hole. Alternately use a button or bell after each hole until you get back to where you started. Tie the thread ends together. Decorate as desired.
  2. Practice playing the tambourines. Tap against palm of hand or against leg.
  3. Introduce a common tune and have the class play along. Have students come up with familiar songs that you can play with the tambourines.
  4. Challenge students to come up with their own original rhythms to introduce to the class.
  5. Have Fun!

Ask students if it was difficult to make the tambourines. See if they like the sounds that it makes. Do they understand how to use rests and different kinds of notes in order to create a tune? Have students play familiar tunes and see if class can guess what the tune is.

Did students follow directions when making their tambourines? Were they able to follow and create rhythms? Did they correctly use rests and various notes when playing a tune? Notice who really has a sense of rhythm. Who was excited about making up an original tune?

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