House of H

Miscellaneous Lesson Plan

Students will use a drawing program such as Kidpix to create a house filled with pictures of things only beginning with the letter H. Students will be able to identify words starting with H.

computer; Kidpix or similar drawing program; printer


  1. Before going to the computer lab or using computers in class, briefly introduce the letter H. Ask students what they hear first when they say "house." Ask them to volunteer other words starting with the same sound.
  2. This activity works well as an indication of students' knowledge of the H sound. Only give a few examples of words, so that you can get a good feel for those students really needing help.
  3. The assignment is for students to first experiment with Kidpix and then create a drawing of a house. They will fill the house with as many pictures as they can think of that start with the letter H. They can draw the objects or use the "stamp" feature in Kidpix which has tons of pictures to choose from.
  4. You can have them title their pictures "House of H," and to make it more challenging you can have them use inventive spelling to write words next to the pictures.
  5. Check students choices of pictures and after making sure they picked ones beginning with the letter "H," have them print their pictures.
  6. Variation: You can do similar computer activities with all of the letters and sounds you study with your class.

Gather up all of the printed pictures and go through them with the class, keeping a list of all of the words found. Have class add words to the list as they come across them. These could easily be formed into a class Big Book for students to continuously refer to and to which you can add other letters studied.

Which students were easily able to find pictures of things starting with H? Who had difficulty? Are students able to add to the list made?

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