Animal Alphabetizing

Phonics Lesson Plan

Students will be able to alphabetize by linking words to pictures.

this reproducible or something similar; paper; pencil


  1. With class, present a stack of folders, papers, notebooks, etc with students' names. Tell them that you need their help in organizing them. What does organize mean?
  2. Ask this question: Does anyone have any idea of how to organize these notebooks? Discuss feasibility of ideas given, eventually steering class toward the idea of putting notebooks in order by first names.
  3. As class, alphabetize books according to first names of students.
  4. Present "Animal Alphabetizing" document to students: 'These animals are all out of order. Your job is to alphabetize them.' This works best as a center activity.
  5. Have students alphabetize list of animals.

When all students are finished, alphabetize animals as class. Discuss any common problems or mistakes, such as what to do when 2 words begin with the same letter.

Look at students' work in order to see who needs assistance with alphabetizing and who understands.

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