MLK Internet Photo Timeline

History Lesson Plan

Students will use the Internet to search about the life of Martin Luther King. The students will organize King's life events

computer with Internet access, word processor, construction paper, glue


  1. The students will work in groups to search the Internet for photos of major events in Martin Luther King's life. They should note any dates with important information.
  2. After downloading or printing the pictures, the groups will write a summary about their photos.
  3. The groups should then glue the photo essays onto construction paper, numbering the back of the photos to place them in the correct order for the timeline.
  4. **This was also done with a first grade class. The whole class worked together on one project and then hung the photo essays randomly on a bulletin board for the rest of the school's students to put in order. It was a great holiday activity.

The student groups can switch their projects to see if they can put the other groups' photo timelines into correct order.

The students will be able to recognize the major events of MLK's life and place them in correct order.

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