Predicting Story Outcome - June 29, 1999

Reading Lesson Plan

Students will be able to make predictions by analytically listening to the reading of a book.

June 29, 1999 by David Wiesner


  1. Have children predict what the story will be about after looking only at the cover.
  2. Stop on the very first printed page in the book and ask the students what they notice about the picture. Try to trigger the response of the little girl waving goodbye, and then have them include this information in their predictions.
  3. Stop on the first page of the actual story after reading it, and ask the students why they think that Holly is launching vegetable seedlings into the air.
  4. After finding out why on the second page, ask the students what they think would happen, and why.
  5. Stop on the page with the broccoli, and ask the class what Holly might be thinking. Is she happy with the results?
  6. On the page where it first mentions arugula, ask the students how they think the arugula got there since Holly never sent any off.
  7. After Holly asks herself what happened to her vegetables, and wonders whose big vegetables these are, ask the students what they think the answer to these questions are.
  8. When the aliens ask themselves where their food is going to come from, ask the students what they think.

After finishing the story, ask the students what they think about this happening. Also ask them what they think the aliens are thinking, and ask about what Holly is thinking. Ask them what they would think if this actually happened.

By listening to the students' responses, notice how well they are using their analytical thinking skills, and also note if they are making reasonable predictions.

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