Crows and Cranes

Physical Education Lesson Plan

Students will use their listening skills, quicken their physical reaction time, and practice various locomotion skills while cooperating with team members in order to play a tag game. They will also be able to recognize the consonant cluster by sound.

gym or outside field where field lines are present; a list of words using the consonant cluster Cr


  1. Have students count off by 2 to divide class in half.
  2. Name one group crows and the other cranes. Make sure that they know which team they are on by having students raise their hands when you call their team name.
  3. Have teams form two long lines on either side of a field line about 5 feet apart. They will be facing each other.
  4. The object of the game is for the team whose name is called to run to their base (a field line behind the team), without getting caught by the other team. So they will have to turn around to run.
  5. Students who get caught have to join the opposite team.
  6. As the teacher, you can make the game more difficult by drawing out the Cr sound before completing the whole word. You can also call out other words beginning with the same sound.
  7. After students understand the game well, have them use different locomotive skills to get to base (skipping, hopping, crawling).
  8. Variation: in order to practice phonics skills, name teams different letters, consonant clusters, word families, etc. These can be at the beginning of the word or to increase difficulty, anywhere in the word. For example the at team vs. the up team, or ph vs. cl.

Discuss how students felt during game. When did they usually get caught? Was it easy or hard? Did they react more quickly as the game went on? Have a mini-lesson on the consonant cluster cr. Have students list other words beginning with same sound.

Notice students' reaction times. Who is always/never getting caught? Who always/never "jumps the gun?" Notice which students have mastered the locomotive skills and which need help. Also observe your class during your mini-grammar lesson, looking to see who understands the consonant cluster cr.

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