Room Organization

Valentine Keepers

When kids start handing out all those valentines, things can get messy in the room. A week or so before celebrating Valentine's Day, have your students make their own Valentine Keepers. An excellent way to do this is to use tag board--have students cut out two pieces of tag board into matching heart shapes. Have a template available for them to trace. Click here to download one example. They need to place the pieces of tag board together and punch holes along the edges (the "V" part) of the heart. They can then use yarn to weave the pieces together, tying them at both ends. An alternative Keeper could be made from the bottom part of a half-gallon milk carton. It can simply be cut straight across to form an open box or each side can be cut into a triangle so they can be folded together to make the box able to be shut. Have lots of materials available for them to decorate their Keepers.