Room Organization

Headphone Control

Make a simple and cheap headphone stand to help organize the listening area in your classroom. In order to do this, you will need to purchase a 5-foot section of PVC pipe (it might come in 10-foot sections). You will need to cut it into three 8-inch pieces and six 6-inch pieces. You can do this with almost any saw (hacksaw) or have it done at the hardware store for around $0.25 per cut. You will also need four PVC T-connectors which are usually around $0.50 each. Connect the three 8-inch sections to form a "T." This will stand vertically to support the headphones. The base looks like an "H" with each line consisting of two 6-inch sections held together by the T-connectors. The section in the middle will have one T-connector pointing up for the stand to be attached. The PVC is easy to connect and is sturdy. Have fun!

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