Sponge Activities

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire in the Classroom!

Divide the class into two teams. Have trivia cards ready--each question should have four choices as possible answers. This game will be played like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," but the teams are competing to see who can reach a million dollars first. You will take turns asking questions to each team. And the members of each team will alternate when answering each question. Each team gets two "lifelines"--two of the choices can be eliminated, or the team member can ask their teammates for their response. Once the team reaches a Milestone Question and answers it correctly, they cannot fall below that amount. When they get a question wrong, they fall back to zero (0) or whichever milestone they reached. The team that reaches One Million Dollars wins!

Below is the scale for this game:

$ One Million  -  Milestone Question
$ 500,000
$ 250,000
$ 125,000
$ 64,000
$ 32,000  -  Milestone Question
$ 16,000
$ 8,000
$ 4,000
$ 2,000
$ 1,000  -  Milestone Question
$ 500
$ 300
$ 200
$ 100

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