Things To Do During Reading Time

Either post this resource in your room or copy some of the activities onto chart paper for your class to see. During reading time, they can look at this to see what they can do.

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More Reproducibles Ideas

Bodies of Water
Sorting Leaves by Color
History of Valentine’s Day
Homework Poem
Dividing the Apples
Short Vowels
Planetary Data Sheet
If I Could Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes
Thanksgiving Attendance Graph
Letter D
Toothpaste Survey
World Map
Do You Know Why We Celebrate Veterans Day?
Spanish Number Matching
The Great Wall of China Fact Sheet
History of St. Patrick’s Day
Circle Fractions
Index Card w/ Tabs Template
Cool Stationery
Taste Test
Space Shuttle Info-Sheet
Cartoon Template
Did You?
Egg Template
Autumn Time Stationery
Map of South America
Basic Shapes
Consumer Price Index
Doorknob Template
"Smells" by Kathryn Worth
What’s Your Favorite Season?
Letter R
Christopher Columbus Reflection
How Many Buttons Do You Have On Your Clothes Today?
Letter S
Leaf Symmetry Worksheet
Digits 1-9
O is for Olympics
Three Square Problem
Favorite Place Journal
Show What’s Less
Graph the Legs
Guess the Ages Math Problem
Dough Recipe
Family Graph
Computer Usage in U.S. Classrooms Graph
Roadsign Recognition