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New Teaching Ideas
Bell Work, Sponge Activities

Bell Work Ideas

Letter Art
States and Capitals
Grateful for America
Complete the Patterns
Population in 2040

Sponge Activities

Tongue Twisters
Plan the Voyage
Animal Drawings
One Thousand Jumping Jacks
Who Is It?

Check Out Teaching Tips
Centers, Bulletin Boards

Center Ideas

Bottle Flutes
Compare the Cookies
Egg Volume
M&M Fractions
Columbus Acrostic

Interactive Bulletin Boards

Turkey Probability
Weights and Balances
FLU Chart
Labeling Cells
Animal Classification

Lesson Plans & Thematic Units
Lesson Plans, Thematic Units

Lesson Plans

O'Keeffe's Flowers
Macaroni Pattern Necklaces
Painting Music
Assembly Line

Thematic Units


Downloads & Reproducibles
Reproducibles, Class Certificates


Basic Shapes
Straight vs. Crooked
Back To School Jumble
Family Graph

Class Certificates

The Best Jack O' Lantern
Awesome Solar System Project
Excellent Reader
Earth Day
Great Center Work